Practice Networks

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Do you want to help Children’s Healthcare Canada advance our strategic priorities and build capacity for all across child and youth health systems?

Building on the success of Children Healthcare Canada’s Communities of Practice,  Practice Networks will focus on our priority populations of Child and Youth Mental Health and Transitions for Children with Medical Complexity.

Practice networks are designed to be multidisciplinary and inclusive of members across the continuum of care. These Networks are driven by Children’s Healthcare Canada priorities and guided by a project charter that will advance our strategic goals (for example, advancing an integrated approach to delivering services for children and youth with medical complexity or mental health conditions) Web-based meetings will connect members monthly, a private on-line forum is available on the Children’s Healthcare Canada Knowledge Exchange Network and there is an opportunity for a face to face meeting at the annual Children’s Healthcare Canada Conference.  

All Practice Networks are fully supported and facilitated by senior Children’s Healthcare Canada staff.  Additionally, Practice Networks will build bonds and community through formal and informal knowledge exchange.

What we will do:

  • Identify areas for advocacy by Children’s Healthcare Canada 
  • Build a repository of subject matter experts 
  • Identify and curate new and wise practices
  • Prioritize research areas
  • Identify  gaps in national data collection

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Practice Networks

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