Never Events for Hospital Care in Canada

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Patients rightfully expect safe care, and health care providers work to provide care that results in better health and safe outcomes for patients. Unfortunately, events that harm patients do occur while care is being provided or as a result of that care. Many of these events that cause harm are preventable using current knowledge and practices.

"Never events" are patient safety incidents that result in serious patient harm or death, and are preventable using organizational checks and balances.

Health Quality Ontario and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute in collaboration with an Action Team from the National Patient Safety Consortium has sought consensus on the top priorities for Canadian never events in health care.  The report is now available: Never Events for Hospital Care in Canada.  

A few never events in the report include:

  • Wrong tissue, biological implant or blood product given to a patient
  • Unintended foreign object left in a patient after a procedure
  • Infant abducted, or discharged to the wrong person. 

To create the report, the group of health care quality organizations and experts from across Canada, known as the Never Events Action Team, researched, surveyed and consulted with providers, patients and the public before recommending a list of never events in Canada’s health care system.  Join us to learn more about never events. 


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angussteele.JPGAngus Steele

Angus Steele is the Senior Advisor, Special Projects at Health Quality Ontario – the provincial advisor on the quality of health care.  Through the National Patient Safety Consortium, Angus led the pan-Canadian partnership of organizations that developed and launched a list of 15 hospital “never events” in Canada. Angus has over 10 years of experience in health care reform in Ontario, Manitoba, and at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

HinaLaeeque.jpgHina Laeeque

Hina Laeeque is a Patient Safety Improvement Lead at the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), with a main focus on providing project management support for the National Patient Safety Consortium.  Hina previously managed the research portfolio at CPSI.  Hina has also worked at Health Canada’s Health Products and Food Branch where she was involved in consultation planning for the Western Region.  At Alberta Heath Services, Hina worked with the Clinical Quality Metrics team to coordinate a quality improvement program.  Hina’s passion is healthcare improvement. 

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