Helping Medication Taste Better

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Giving medication to children can be challenging, especially when those medications have a bad taste. Children may become reluctant to take any medications at all for fear of the bad taste. There is a need for tools to aid in medication administration to children. Tools can be used to ensure these patients get the benefits of the drugs and to prevent children from developing negative associations with their medications.

Through a collaboration between CHEO, McGill University Health Centre, and McGill Molson Medical Informatics, the Helping Medication Taste Better posters were created. These posters are tools that can be used to help with medication administration in children. The interactive design lets children follow the path to improve the taste of their medications. Practical, child-friendly solutions are provided and safeguards are in place to consult with healthcare providers and avoid allergies when necessary.

This tool has been validated by nurses, child-life specialists, and directors of pharmacy across Canada. It has also been validated by pharmacists internationally through the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP).

The Helping Medication Taste Better tools are free for use, provided that the integrity of the tools is maintained and the logos of the contributing parties are not removed.


Three different dosage forms are available:

Tablet Medications

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Capsule Medications


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Liquid Medications


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For More Information

For more information please contact:

RĂ©gis Vaillancourt 

Director of pharmacy 

Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario

613 737 7600 ext 2231

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