Patient Safety

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Patient safety is one of CAPHC’s national priorities.  Under the direction of the CAPHC Board of Directors, CAPHC’s National Patient Safety Collaborative provided a national forum to unite individuals, groups, and organizations to facilitate partnerships, improve communication, and, when appropriate, undertake collective action to improve patient safety for all children and youth.   The Collaborative membership represented multidisciplinary child and youth health organizations from coast to coast.

CAPHC’s Patient Safety Collaborative wrapped up its activities at the end of June 2016.   Our monthly webinar have been rolled into the very successful CAPHC Presents! Webinar series to reach a broader audience. 

Patient Safety remains a high priority for the CAPHC Board and all of our members.   We recognize how the patient safety movement has evolved and we are growing with it.  We will continue to consult with our members and partners to design a strategy that will better enable CAPHC to support our member organizations in their patient safety improvement goals.

The Patient Safety Collaborative was CAPHC’s longest running committee, meeting the 4th Friday of the month from  2003 to 2016.  

It was established to:

  • To acknowledge and link our common goals and priorities for patient safety;
  • To respond to Health Canada’s Notice to Hospitals dated July 30th, 2002 regarding the Risk of Strangulation of Infants by IV Tubing and Monitor Leads; and
  • To develop a framework for continued partnerships and communication around patient safety issues.

Over the years we have worked together to raise awareness of paediatric patient safety concerns and build resources and tools to aid in the implementation of best practices.  

You can read more of our history on the CAPHC website and view archived webinars below.

Our greatest achievement however has been to establish a network of dedicated patient safety experts and enthusiasts who are willing to talk, share and learn from one another.  

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