Listening to the voice of the child: An inclusive approach to ethical problems in pediatrics

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Children and youth are commonly excluded from discussions and decisions that affect them. It is frequently stated that children and youth are incapable of understanding complex matters and that their exclusion “protects” them. Yet, there is growing evidence that young people’s capacities are systematically underestimated and exclusion may be experienced as harmful rather than protective. This seminar will review this issue and propose concrete strategies for promoting better inclusion of young people in matters that affect them.


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Carnevalepicmorerecent.jpgFranco A. Carnevale

Franco A. Carnevale is a nurse, psychologist and clinical pediatric ethicist. His primary research interests include a wide range of concerns in pediatric ethics. He is the founder and principal investigator for VOICE (i.e., Views On Interdisciplinary Childhood Ethics); a McGill-based international initiative to advance knowledge and practices relating to ethical concerns in childhood (  His current academic appointments include (all at McGill University): Full Professor, Ingram School of Nursing; Associate Member, Faculty of Medicine (Pediatrics); Adjunct Professor, Counselling Psychology; Affiliate Member, Biomedical Ethics Unit. His clinical appointments include: Co-Chair of the Pediatric Ethics Committee at the Montreal Children's Hospital-McGill University Health Centre; Clinical Ethicist for Child, Adolescent, and Family Services at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute; Chair of the Clinical Ethics Committee at the Shriner's Hospitals for Children (Canada); and Clinical Ethics Consultant at Le Phare, Enfants et Familles (pediatric hospice and respite care). 

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