Health of young adults with developmental disabilities across Ontario: Results from the Health Care Access Research in Developmental Disabilities program

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People with developmental disabilities (DD), including those with intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder, have more health problems and more health care visits, including primary care, emergency department visits and hospitalization compared to the general population. Caregivers and professionals often highlight gaps in the health care system for youth and young adults with DD, and it is critical to understand the drivers and policies of service use to support system planning, particularly around transition care. The current webinar presents results from the Health Care Access Research and Developmental Disabilities (HCARDD) program, focussed on young adults with DD in Ontario, constructed by linking Ontario administrative health and social service data held at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences. We present information about the health and health service use of 15,980 Ontarians aged 18-24 years with DD, including those with autism spectrum disorder and other forms of DD, and identify the demographic, health and systemic predictors of use. We will also provide a review of health and social service transition related policies in Ontario that can impact health outcomes now and in the future.


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JWEISS.jpgDr. Jonathan Weiss, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at York University and Clinical Psychologist. He completed a predoctoral residency at Surrey Place Centre (Toronto, ON), and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and University of Toronto, Dept. of Psychiatry. He currently holds the federal Chair in Autism Spectrum Disorders Treatment and Care Research. His research focuses on the prevention and treatment of mental health problems in people with Autism Spectrum Disorder or intellectual disabilities. Dr. Weiss is co-leading the H-CARDD project on youth in transition.

HCARDDbiopictureIsaacs2015.jpgDr. Barry Isaacs, PhD, is Director of Research, Evaluation and Education at Surrey Place Centre (Toronto). His is active in several areas of research including health and social services provided to persons with developmental disabilities, quality of life for people with disabilities and their families, and medical and allied health education in developmental disabilities. Dr. Isaacs is co-leading the H-CARDD project on youth in transition.

CDARSTeamShotsYHamdani.jpgYani Hamdani is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Health Care Access Research and Developmental Disabilities (H-CARDD), and Underserved Populations Program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Her PhD research examined discourses and social assumptions about 'disability' and 'adulthood' underlying multi-sector policies aimed at improving the transition to adult health and community services for youth with disabilities in Ontario. She is interested in the effects of these discourses and assumptions on the health and transitions experiences of youth with developmental disabilities and their families. She formerly worked as an occupational therapist in transitions programs at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and was a co-investigator on the longitudinal evaluation of the 'LIFEspan model' - a model of transitional rehabilitative care between Holland Bloorview and Toronto Rehab Institute.

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