Management of Medically Complex Children and Youth Across the Continuum of Care

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All Canadian children/youth with medical complexity and their families are provided with access to tools, supports and services that will enable integrated and coordinated care that is proactive and best suited to each child/youth’s needs and environment. Download the complete CYMC Vision and Mission Statement 


To establish national standards of care that will optimize the health and quality of life for Canadian children/youth with medical complexity and their families through shared decision making, while supporting the  achievement of child/family identified health goals and outcomes using the best available evidence and experience-based knowledge.

The mission of the CoP is based on the following principles of care: 

  1. The care is child/ youth/family centered.
  2. The care is integrated: coordinated, collaborative, continuous, and seamless across the continuum (hospital, community and agencies/services). 
  3. The care is accessible. 
  4. The care is delivered as such that the child/youth/family is empowered.

Complex Care CoP Poster 

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CAPHC Guideline for the Management of Children and Youth Through the Continuum of Care

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