Management of Medically Complex Children and Youth Across the Continuum of Care

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CAPHC Guideline for the Management of Medically Complex Children and Youth Through the Continuum of Care

CAPHC Complex Care Community of Practice (CoP) April 2018

The Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres (CAPHC) prioritized the need for a national effort to support system change in the approach to health care for children with medical complexity. The Complex Care Community of Practice (CoP), established in 2013, has mobilized individuals, organizations and families across Canada with a vision that all Canadian children/youth with medical complexity and their families are provided with access to tools, supports and services that will enable integrated and coordinated care that is proactive and best suited to each child/youth’s needs and environment.

CAPHC CoP members included families; clinicians from paediatric acute care, homecare, rehabilitation services, the Provincial Council of Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH), health care administrators and policy makers. External stakeholders were engaged and endorsement for the Vision and Mission was received from The Canadian Family Advisory Network and the Canadian Paediatric Society. Accreditation Canada was consulted and participated in discussions to ensure that recommendations on care planning and health care transitions aligned with current standards.

We wish to thank everyone who participated in the CoP and the development of this guideline!

Important information and resources 

Vision and Mission Statement  Written by the CAPHC Complex Care Community of Practice and endorsed by the Canadian Paediatric Society and the Canadian Family Advisory Network in 2016
Catalogue of Canadian Complex Care Program and Services Description of national programs.  Please contact Lisa Stromquist if you would like to update or include any information.
Community of Practice Presentations  Recorded presentation from Canadian programs and services.
If Only You Knew 8 part video series showing families in a research study who speak about the importance of others getting to know their child with complex care needs. They want others to understand, accept, listen to and embrace their child.
For more information, please contact Dr. Roberta L. Woodgate at
#mycomplexlife The stories in this video show the strength and determination of these families, and why parents of children with medically complex needs also need support.  CHEO
References and Recommended Reading  
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