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Navigating the KEN Website

The KEN website uses a 3-column layout to group navigational aids and functions for easy and quick access:


Toolbar and Header

The toolbar displays various functions (e.g. print, view history, edit) that can be performed on the page currently being displayed. Most functions are not accessible until you login to your KEN account. The username of the currently logged in user is displayed on the right side of the header.

Please note that some functions are only accessible to site administrators.

Javascript must be enabled in your web browser to access many of KEN's functions. If your web browser supports scripting and you are having difficulty accessing a page or function, it is possible scripting disabled. To enable Javascript in your web browser, follow these instructions from Microsoft.

  • Clicking the CAPHC logo on the left will load the KEN homepage.

Left Column

The left column contains navigational panels that remain the same wherever you are in the KEN site.

  • Search - Performs a quick search of the KEN database.
  • Main Menu - This menu provides direct links to key site pages and functions.
  • Topics - This menu allows you to browse for KEN content using a subject structure.

Right Column

The right column contains panels that change depending on your location on the KEN site and whether or not you have logged into your KEN account. Main panels displayed in the right column include:

  • Recently Visited - Listing of the last 5 KEN pages you have viewed.
  • Notices - Notices and information (e.g. list of CAPHC partners) will appear here from time to time.
  • Create - If you are a KEN author, use this panel to create a new article that will be published on KEN.

Primary Content Area

Articles, discussion group messages, announcements, and other KEN information appears in this section.

Most content is in HTML text or common image file format. Some articles include attachments that may require additional programs (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word) to open or display properly.


The footer provides access to important reference information on the KEN site and its operations.

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