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Contributing and Editing Articles

Articles are the main content featured on KEN. To contribute an article, you must first create a KEN account and request author access to the website.

Creating a New Article

To create a new article, you must be logged in to your KEN account.

  1. Enter a name for the file you wish to create in the create panel on the right side of the screen.

- The system will automatically remove any spaces in the file name.

  • This is normal behaviour and this information is not the title of the article displayed to KEN users.
2. On the Editing Article screen that appears:
  • Enter a title for your article. This title will be displayed to KEN users.
  • Add the text of the article. This is the main content of the article.
3. Select a topic for the article.
  • Topic selection determines where KEN users will find your article in the KEN topics panel.
4. If desired, select a sub-topic for the article.
  • Only sub-topics for the chosen topic can be selected.
5. If desired, add a short description for the article.

6. Select which author information to display to KEN users. • Selected information from your KEN account profile will be displayed to KEN users along with the contents of your article.

7. If desired, add keywords.

  • You can enter any keywords that are applicable to the article.
  • Keywords can increase the chance of users finding your article using KEN's search functions.
8. If desired, add additional comments to your article.
  • Comments are short descriptions of the changes made to the document in the version being saved. They are meant to increase comprehensibility of the article's development.
  • Comments are displayed in the history page.
9. Do not check the Is Minor Edit box on the Editing Article screen.
  • Minor edits apply only to existing articles.
10. Save your article.
  • You should save your article frequently.

Editing an Existing Article

To edit on existing article, you must be logged in to your KEN account and you must have rights to edit that article. The original author always has rights to edit his or her posted articles and may choose to allow others to edit those articles.

  1. Open the article you wish to edit (by searching or browsing through the topic list).
2. On the toolbar at the top of the page, select Wiki or WYSIWIG from the Edit menu.
  • The Wiki editor provides direct access to the wiki code of the article. The wiki editor is recommended for users already familiar with wikis and wiki syntax.
  • The WYSIWIG editor provides a number of editing tools for persons not familiar with wiki code.
2. On the Editing Article screen that appears:
  • Modify the title, article content, and other information as required.
3. Indicate whether the changes you made are minor or major edits.
  • The minor edit checkbox should be checked if the changes you make to the article are only slight or insignificant in nature (e.g. spelling correction, minor formatting adjustments, hyperlink edits).
4. Save your article.
  • You should save your article frequently.

Saving and Previewing Articles

There are four buttons at the bottom of the Editing Article screen. The functions these buttons perform is the same when adding a new article or editing an existing article.


  • If you have already saved your article, this button will cancel any modifications made to the article since it was last save.
  • If you have not saved your article, this button will delete the current document and a message that the system could not find the document will be displayed.
  • Displays the article with current edits as it will appear to KEN users.
  • Continue editing your article by clicking Back to Edit or Save & Continue.
  • Discard all changes you made to the article by clicking Cancel.
  • Save your article but do not make further changes by clicking Save & View.
Save & Continue
  • Saves the changes you have made to the article.
  • You can continue working on the article on the Editing Article screen.
Save & View
  • Saves the changes you have made to the article.
  • Loads the saved article in KEN.

Adding and Deleting Attachments

You can add attachments to any article you contribute to KEN. Good uses of attachments include:

Pictures and images. You can add charts, maps, and other graphical content as an attachment.

Existing documents. Rather than re-type or re-format an existing document you wish to share, you can upload the file. For example, rather than re-create a complex spreadsheet with charts, you can write a synopsis of the spreadsheet's contents and attach it to the article page.

  1. On the toolbar at the top of the page, select Attachments from the Show menu.
2. Use the Browse… button to locate the file you want to attach on your local system.

3. Click the Attach this file button to upload your attachment.

  • The system will add the file to the list of attachments for your article.
4. Repeat for any other files you want to attach to your article.

5. Click Delete beside a listed file attachment to remove it form your article.

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