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2 -[[**Click here to register for the live webinar on May 11, 2022 at 11:00am ET.**>>url:]]
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7 7  **Dr. Jennifer Zwicker** is Director of Health Policy at the School of Public Policy, Associate Professor at University of Calgary, Canada Research Chair (II) in Disability Policy for Children and Youth and Deputy Scientific Officer for Kids Brain Health Network. Her research assesses interventions and informs policy around allocation of funding, services, and supports for youth with disabilities and their families. Strong stakeholder and government collaboration has been critical in the translation of peer-reviewed publications to policy papers, op-eds and briefing notes for provincial and federal ministries and senate committees. Her work recently informed the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences National Autism Strategy Working Group and Royal Society of Canada Expert Working Group to develop disability inclusive policy during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has been recognized for her policy leadership as an Action Canada Alumni, Governor General Leadership Forum, and Canada‚Äôs Top 40 Under 40.
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11 +[[(% class="wikiattachmentlink" %)**Click here to download the webinar participation certificate.**>>attach:Webinar Participation Certificate (15).pdf]]