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spark: live FAQS


Q: I would love to attend a webinar, but I have another conflicting commitment. Is there a way to watch it?

Absolutely! We record all of our webinars and post them on the Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) several days following the live presentation. The best way to track the webinar of your choice is to register anyway even if you know you can't be there live. Our automated system will send a follow up email to you with the direct link!

Q: I just got really busy and missed the webinar. What can I do to watch it?

Not a problem, it happens and sometimes audience members can only stay for part of the webinar! That's why we record and post it several days afterwards on the KEN. It sounds like you probably registered so as explained in the previous answer, you will get a follow up email with the direct link. 

Q: How do I ask the panellists a question?

 We encourage all of our viewers to write in their questions in the question box (it looks like this): 


Don't wait until the end of the presentation. The spark: live team is standing by to relay your question to our expert panelists at the appropriate time and throughout the presentation. 

Q: I see that I can choose to use the telephone OR mic & speakers. Which is better?

On the day of the webinar, you will receive an email with all the information you need to log on to the webinar. You will follow the link to initiate the webinar which will default your audio to the mic & speakers option (recommended). If you do not have access to speakers, you may use your telephone to listen into the webinar after your log on. The access information is in your email. 

Q: I can't open the GoToWebinar by Citrix application. What do I do? 

It is possible your organization's IT department has certain firewalls in place to block applications. Here is a troubleshooting link provided by GoToWebinar:

Opening Firewalls and IP Ranges -

You can still listen in to the webinar (without watching the slides) by using the dial in information found in your email from gotowebinar.

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