Common Winter Illnesses

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Winter months are coming and so is the “cold and flu” season! These months can be very challenging for families who have a newborn infant and especially for those babies who were born early or are medically fragile. Preterm infants and those with congenital heart disease, chronic lung disease or specific respiratory or immune conditions, “severe colds” can result in infant having to go to the hospital. This presentation will talk about the risk, some of the common winter illnesses, and how parents can balance decreasing the risk and “having a life” as well as will provide some resources.

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Bracht.jpgMarianne Bracht
Mount Sinai Hospital

Marianne has over 40-years of nursing experience in neonatology working at the bedside, neonatal follow-up clinic, and for the past 15 years as the NICU parent resource nurse. She has advocated for families, provided education and support, created and co-lead parent education programs and continues to work with veteran NICU parents on parent advisory committee. Marianne has insight into the struggles NICU parents face during their infant’s hospital stay and following discharge.

fabiana.jpgFabiana Bacchini, MA

Fabiana is a graduate NICU parent and ambassador of the Family Integrated Care Program, developed by Mount Sinai Hospital, where she currently volunteers.

In addition, Fabiana has a passion to give back to the community.  She co-founded Handfull Hearts, a not for profit organization, that supports projects that are important to her and her community. 

Fabiana lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and her two incredible boys.

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